Tom Ford Noir Extreme Eau De Parfum Spray

Tom Ford Noir Extreme Eau De Parfum Spray

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Tom Ford is a celebrated American designer who launched his brand in 2005 with a mission to redefine modern luxury. With menswear, women’s wear, accessories, eyewear, and beauty, TOM FORD is synonymous with sexy, timeless elegance and superior workmanship.

Fragrance Family: Warm & Spicy

Scent Type: Woody Spices

Key Notes: Cardamom, Orange Flower, Sandalwood

Fragrance Description: Charismatic, urbane, and sophisticated, TOM FORD Noir Extreme opens on a devastatingly rich blend of spicy heat and glowing citrus. Dextrous brushstrokes of mandarin oil and neroli oil North Africa orpur® provide sharp contrast to the vibrant, synergistic blend of saffron, cardamom and nutmeg. At the heart of the fragrance is tantalizing Indian kulfi—an accord inspired by the ancient royal concoction prepared for 16th century Mughal emperors. This milky creation, which traditionally consists of Himalayan snow combined with hints of pistachio, is delivered unexpectedly into the core of the fragrance via lentisque resinoid, which is chosen for its crisp, cool, yet lactonic effect. an array of floral notes—rose absolute, jasmine accord and orange flower—radiate like rare gems on virgin snow. A woody, amber-drenched impact defines the dry down, where an extreme amber dosage silhouettes the other background notes like dusky sunlight. This addictive amber cushion is studded with elegant sandalwood and a melting vanilla ember, enigmatically sustaining the gem-hard masculine fire.

About the Fragrance: "Noir Extreme captures the daring, opulent side of the Noir man. He knows his desires, his vices, and what brings him pleasure and relishes in the indulgence of it. It is this private side he reserves for himself, at its maximum expression."—TOM FORD

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Customer Reviews

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Wearable for females IMHO

Love it so much that I am wearing it on myself. Smells creamy and vanilla-ish to me, with a very subtle spicy note to it. The formula is strong, so Im very sparing with usage. However, smelling it throughout the day makes me feel more feminine and awakens my femininity in an ironic way as it is supposed to be a mens fragrance; but smelling this soft lingering maleness constantly surrounding me seems to have a positive effect on how I feel throughout the day. Its not like that aggressive, machismo, in-your-face AXE kind of maleness, but something more gentle, sophisticated and loving without being smothering or repressive. Its like wearing your (nice-smelling) boyfriend's t-shirt, sans actual old t-shirt. I was supposed to take the sample home to my brother, but I ended up using it on myself... On a slightly unrelated note, Tom Ford's private blend fragrance collection has been so impressive. Sephora doesn't carry that line at the moment, but if you are a choosy fragrance person, I hope you get a chance to check it out. They don't have any of that cheap, alcohol-y effect (as most perfumes have), they are all unisex, and have a really solid base note(apparently tobacco) that keeps the line cohesive. No, you wont get addicted because of the tobacco, but you might get addicted because the formulations are just simply incredible.


Any interest in being an instant man magnet? Yes? Then this is what you need. This scent isn't for the faint of heart. IT is serious. It is sultry. It seems nice at first, but will get you into trouble faster than you wrap your mind around it. So buyer beware.


This is my favorite perfume of all time! I've always wanted a perfume that smelled of jasmine and tea and this is perfection with a touch of sexiness. i suffer from chronic migraines and most perfumes are overwhelming for me. this perfume, while strong is still light enough that it isn't cloying. this lasts on me all day, unlike most perfumes I've worn. I find just one spray is enough for me to dab on my wrists/neck. absolutely worth the splurge!


I'm sooo picky with perfume. I like maybe one out of 10 fragrances. This is on the very top of my list. Right now I'm loving this one the most, then Tory Burch, Modern Muse, Omnia Crystal, La Vie Est Belle, and Versace Yellow Diamonds. This one seems most like the Omnia in terms of similarities; it is light, floral, maybe a tad powdery, soft and feminine. Everyone is different and it comes down to personal taste, but if you like any of my other favorites, then give this a try!

My husband loves it

Now his new favorite it this. Great scent. I love it as well