Victoria's Secret Tease Rebel Eau De Parfum Spray: The Review

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There's not one thing we don't like about how Victoria's Secret Tease Rebel Eau De Parfum Spray looks lying on our vanity, a boudoir-inspired scent that's an instant back to the French parlors. The fishnet and lace packaging on the package, paired with a hot pink atomizer, makes some very enticing packaging that we fall in love with at first sight. Total points to the person who came up with the idea for this little boy. The scent itself, mixing notes of Black Vanilla, Frozen Pear, and Blooming Gardenia, we think that coming to Victoria's Secret range at least, this fragrance is the perfect tease. 

Grown people best wear a warm perfume that we find, the fundamental owner of this fragrance is its durability. At just an hour or two of staying strong, Victoria's Secret Tease Rebel Eau De Parfum Spray hardly lasts for even a quarter of a day, which is a shame, as it has a nice dryness that we liked to smell for however little time it lasted. If longevity isn't your issue, tease could make another perfect gift this holiday season, this time for the ladies of your family.

What We Like 

  • Beautifully packaged

  • Not harsh on the skin

  • Warm scent

What We Don't Like 

  • Longevity is terrible

  • Not travel-friendly

  • Not suited to all age groups

Who Is This Product For

Crafted as a consummate flirt, Victoria's Secret Tease is the product of what happens when a seductive encounters a coquette—a scent that is the pinnacle in the art of seduction. Rebel is the newer sibling of the Taunt fragrance, not content to copy its older sibling merely, it instead establishes its separate direction by establishing its own special initial top notes, made up of intense wild and raw rose in conflict with two distinct, more established violets – metallic and refined essence of violet flowers and scents of aggressive leaves. The earthy scent of the leather linking the notes together and the feral smell of the flowers altogether produce this urban bouquet. The white portion of the leather and the soft musk come together very well in this piece. Think of the way the odors come and go in your life. Was there ever an odor that made you stand in your tracks for a moment and take comfort in its presence?


Victoria's Underground Tease Rebel is an enchanting mix of floral and leathery colors. Introduced in 2018 by Victoria's Secret, this scent is seductive and gentle and has a strong sillage and durability, making it suitable for daily wear. It has floral tones of powdery, earthy violet, and romantic, feminine rose.

It's got no rules. So this is how we create this scent. We asked our perfumers to produce a floral that broke with tradition. And they shipped Tease Rebel, an urban bouquet bound in white fur. Wild Rose faces two styles of violets, a pretty mess of florals. Our white leather note is a sweatshirt and light musk.

How To Use It 

The best time to apply is just when you get out of the shower. It's at this stage where the pores are as open as possible, allowing cologne to seep into the skin and give you a longer-lasting scent. Before adding cologne, it is essential to moisturize. Think about applying scent to dry skin as a kind of thing; unless your hide is adequately moisturized, the cologne will not penetrate as efficiently as possible, making it evaporate sooner.


White Leather Bella Bellissima

It is a unisex scent that blends into the woody oriental category whose top notes of Virginia cedar, green notes, iris, jasmine, and guava shine on the skin in the sweetest yet unsurpassed manner you'll love. The intensity of the tropical guava reminds me of jelly beans, sweet but not sickly but intoxicating. White leather flows with the heart tones of rose and patchouli with a comfortable and sophisticated aroma of agarwood, sandalwood, and amber mixing. The vanilla's creaminess sweetens the fragrance without rendering it overpowering, while the smooth leather and the tropical sweetness mix together. It's rich and sophisticated, classy and mature.


Pear is a note that we believe is criminally underused in fragrance, so it's good to see the fragrance that's built around it. Tease, like a peach, is soft, juicy, but not too much—just it's perfect. It's another fragrance that uses the fruit/flower/wood-musk structure, even though it lets the more fruity, playful notes shine for a moment. This sounds like a contemporary celebrity fragrance that most people don't want to market, but we love celebrity scents as it happens.

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