Queen Of Seduction Absolute Diva Perfume by Antonio Banderas: The Review

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A perfect chypre floral fragrance for cold days and nights, Queen Of Seduction Absolute Diva Perfume is a fresh fragrance launched in 2018. This is a light perfume with mild durability and a gentle sillage, making it perfect for just about any occasion. The perfume opens with orange mandarin and pear for a crisp, fruity launch. The middle notes of jasmine, lily-of-the-valley, and heliotrope have a more pronounced floral tone. The bass notes are the earthy traces of patchouli, sandalwood, and benzoin to dry wood.

Antonio Banderas is a Spanish actor who started his career as a filmmaker in 1982. The first fragrance that carries his name was released in 1997. There are currently 68 perfumes in his fragrance collection, produced by Pierre Wargnye Fabrice Pellegrin, Alain Muraour, Sonia Constant, Rosendo Mateu, Elisabeth Vidal, and Christophe Raynaud. The Spanish perfume group Puig is collaborating with Banderas to develop and launch its perfumes.

What We Like 

  • Light scent 

  • Moderate Longevity

  • Soft sillage

What We Don't Like 

  • Pricey

  • The scent doesn't work for everyone

Who Is This Product For

Dry down is so subtly and gentle, with a little zest, and does not shout with cedar, making an imprint and capturing essential happiness. It's like a mid-summer wind, and it sounds clean and playful, perfect for people on the go! It is highly suggested if you're looking for a fresh, marine, fluffy, tasty, and inoffensive, inexpensive fragrance.


Queen Of Seduction Absolute Diva Perfume by Antonio Banderas is a floral scent for women in Cyprus. The Queen Of Seduction Absolute Diva Perfume was released in 2018. The top notes are pear and mandarin orange; the middle notes are heliotrope, jasmine, and lily-of-the-valley; the simple notes are benzoin, sandalwood, and patchouli.

How To Use It 

Adding items when you're getting out of the tub is the safest way to add the scent. It's at this stage where the pores are as open as possible, allowing cologne to seep into the skin and give you a longer-lasting scent. Before adding cologne, it is essential to moisturize. Think about applying scent to dry skin as a kind of thing; unless your hide is adequately moisturized, the cologne will not penetrate as efficiently as possible, making it evaporate sooner.


Jo Malone Amber & Patchouli

Very wearable patchouli that takes you to a beautiful, rocky, wild ride that dries to a gorgeous soft woody amber. We're especially fond of the smooth and dry suede that lasts a long time. The smell itself is very sticky and does not migrate that far in the hay, but it remains close to the skin for around 8 hours +. It's an intimate patchouli that's not going to offend anyone.


Beautiful is the best term to characterize this scent. One of the best affordable fragrances on the market this year. A fresh, citrusy yet still soft, dry fragrance of sparkling femininity. It begins with a fresh burst of grapefruit and watery notes like a light sea breeze; then, you can scent yummy raspberry mixed with peony, jasmine, and a miniature iris.

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