Joop! Aftershave: The Review

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Joop! Aftershave with Joop! It's an oriental fougere fragrance for men. Joop! Aftershave was released in 1989. Michel Almairac is the nose behind the fragrance. It's a very sensual oriental fragrance with fresh citrus top notes of tangerine, ginger, bergamot and orange blossom. The floral heart is really warm and balmy, displaying jasmine, lily valley, heliotrope and cinnamon. The tropical base offers sweet and woody shades of vanilla, Tonka bean, patchouli and sandalwood. The fragrance was created in 1989 by Michel Almairac.

Sillage and longevity are very strong. It is also known to be soft and enjoyable, sweet and fresh. You don't need to spray a lot of Joop! In order to get a good result. Synthetic, of course, but that's how Febreeze and dryer sheets are, and people like to smell them, so that's not a deterrent to me.

What We Like

  • Eternal lasting scent
  • Great value
  • Can present unisex fragrance

What We Don’t Like

  • Comes with enormous sillage
  • Can’t be used in casual events

Who Is This Product For

Joop! Aftershave is a woody-floral masculine fragrance which embraces individuality and masculine sensuality. This fragrance is perfect for a guy who wants to show off his modern individuality, the bright fuchsia bottle is both bold and trendy, holding a complex juice inside. Joop! has a scent that is more appropriate to a younger guy, think of the teens and the twenties. Some may have outgrown it a lot and don't own a bottle at the moment, but younger men should continue to wear the smell.


Joop! Aftershave has a sweet jasmine scent blended with hot honey. With a touch of hot cinnamon and a slice of masculine heart tobacco. The scent is sexy, enticing and intoxicating, with hints of exotic spices and florals, woods, patchouli and honey.

This isn't the smell of a tame guy who's trying to stay under the radar, though. Joop! Aftershave pushes the envelope and delivers a sweet cologne that requires love.

This sensual oriental scent opens with notes of new citrus fruits, including mandarin, lemon, bergamot and orange blossom. The heart turns floral, adding soft and balmy air to the smell of jasmine, lily of the valley, heliotrope and cinnamon.

Joop! Aftershave wears the finest nights out in the city during the winter and the fall. The fragrance lasts all day with one or two sprays. This is a polarizing fragrance: either you love it or you find a nice way to over-the-top. Whether you're looking for a cologne to wear in the bar, or if you're a lover of sweet fragrances, it's a must-see.

How To Use It

Rinse the skin vigorously with cold water to cleanse your face and close the pores. Moisturize the skin or pre-add a post-shave balm. Apply the aftershave teaspoon to your side. Lightly rub your hands together and separate them so that the aftershave will take effect.
The base includes sweet and woody notes, including cocoa, Tonka bean, patchouli and sandalwood. The aroma stays sweet all the way through the dry, but the base offers a much warmer finish through the scents of wood and spice.


Fahrenheit by Christian Dior

It's strong and bold. Wear this cologne of Christian Dior, and you will exude confidence and masculinity. But it's worth warning that this cologne appears to be overbearing and insulting to some people. If you're not a fan of those potent petrol notes, you're not going to like this scent.


If you're looking for a bold and sexy fragrance, you may want to send it to Joop! This is a tryout. It's just a throwback to the 1980s, and it has a special vibe that you're always not going to find in a lot of men's scents. It's not always a loved one, but Joop! can still carry strength, and he has a place in many of the men's collections.

It's an insanely sensual and sexy fragrance when applied correctly. You just have to get the antique formula to really enjoy what this beauty is supposed to smell like, unlike the new formula, which is a hot synthetic mess.

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