French Vanilla Perfume by Dana: The Review

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French Vanilla Perfume by Dana was launched in 1994. What does French vanilla smell like? Well, it's an aroma amplified by a bouquet of fragrant oranges, juicy and dry scented tones that will give you a sensual, warm, and enticing fragrance. Looking closer to it until added, you'll find a residual consistency of deeper fragrant sweet, sharp and floral hints that mask the essence of cozy, soothing, and satisfying emotions.

Centered on a mixture of notes, French Vanilla Perfume is known as an oriental vanilla nasal scent. The emanation of flavors and aroma notes of French vanilla unfurl in a whiff of citrus, opening the top notes, like citrus. The floral and spicy notes of the middle of the heart mix in with oriental notes, while the deep spices and woody base notes leave a woody impression.

Before buying French vanilla, the best method is to taste it to see how it fits with body chemistry and character. This way, you'll know firsthand if you like it and how long it lasts before you make a decision. The more perfume feedback you read about Dana French Vanilla from various people and by experts who have the nose, the more equipped you to decide.

How long is French vanilla going to last? In general, this is dependable on several things, from skin chemistry to the time of the year and, most notably, on the scent itself. Keep in mind seasonal factors, including temperature and humidity, which influence the outcome and perception of each person's nose and the degree of sensitivity in a particular way.

What We Like 

  • Aroma highlighted 
  • Juicy and dry scented
  • Sensual
  • Warm
  • Softer Fragrance
  • Comforting and pleasing

What We Don't Like 

  • Expensive!

Who Is This Product For

The 1994 French Vanilla Perfume by Dana scent is perfect for all those who enjoy the vanilla fragrance. It includes fresh fruit, herbal, woody, and oriental scents like vanilla accessible as an EDT or an EDP.


French Vanilla Perfume is an oriental vanilla scent for ladies. In 1994, French vanilla was released. The 1994 French Vanilla Perfume scent is perfect for all those who enjoy the vanilla fragrance, including fresh fruit, herbal, woody, and oriental sounds, like vanilla.

How To Use It 

It is used when it comes to dates which means to become a big compliment to a go-getter. It's vanilla plus fresh flower; it sounds as if it might go wrong. Respect it, and it's undoubtedly going to restock it. This feminine perfume has a mixture of vanilla accompanied by crisp citrus notes. It's recommended for casual wear.


Annick Goutal

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French Vanilla Perfume is one of our top five vanilla scents. We enjoyed it all back in the day, and we always love it. We've recently reunited ourselves with a pair of bottles, and we're so proud. It's a strawberry that doesn't smell like any other vanilla in our noses.

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