Blue Seduction EDT Spray By Antonio Banderas: The Review

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Blue Seduction EDT Spray by Antonio Banderas is the scent of Asian Fougere for men. Blue Seduction EDT Spray was released in 2007. The top notes are melon, bergamot, mint, and black currant; the middle notes are seawater, green apple, cappuccino, cardamom, and nutmeg; the foundation notes are amber and woody notes.

Antonio Banderas is one of Hollywood's most beautiful guys, and so are his fragrances. He has launched his collection of fragrances for both men and women. Blue Seduction EDT Spray was introduced for both men and women and was launched in 2008.

What We Like 

  • Great smell.
  • Stays longs.
  • The compact size makes it travel-friendly.
  • Cute and subtle packaging.

What We Don't Like 

  • None

Who Is This Product For

Antonio Banderas has launched some of his signature fragrances for both men and women. These fragrances became a success due to their intense sensual aroma and the long-lasting quality of each scent. 


The scent lasts a long time, lingers a day or two, even after taking a shower. The perfume is great for the entire day, but you feel fresh at the end of the day. The perfume gave me an extra edge when you're getting dressed, it's just that the scent makes you feel solid and desirable, so you feel assured and poised. Wow, we love it!

The lightweight bottle and the dew-colored liquid in it all fascinate me and make me fall in love every time we pick it up. It's just two sprays of magical concoction, and the scent is hovering for the day. Exotic, vital essence that makes you feel fresh and optimistic about your looks. The azure bottle is lightweight and adjusts to your bag. Also, the translucent bottle makes you look at the delightful hue of the magical concoction and the quantity left behind!

How To Use It 

The best practice for wearing a water de toilette is to apply it to dry skin. You'll want to concentrate on your body's warm regions, including your stomach, throat, lower lip, wrist, forearm, inner elbow, and shoulders. Your body's heat helps disperse the smell and make the fragrance last longer.


Angel Glamorama Thierry Mugler

Centered on a mixture of notes, Angel Glamorama Thierry Mugler is known as an oriental vanilla nose. The composition of the scent is the result of Olivier Cresp, Yves de Chris. The emanation of flavors and aroma notes for Angel Glamorama unfurl with a whiff of citrus and fruity opening notes like bergamot, orange mandarin, jasmine, mango, melon, cassia, and cotton candy. The fruity and aromatic notes of the heart mix with sugar, jasmine, lily of the valley, orchid, rose, apricot, blackberry, peach, plum, and red berries, while the deep gourmet and spicy notes of the foundation leave an impression of amber, musk, tonka, vanilla, cocoa, dark chocolate, and patchouli. 

If Angel Glamorama sounds like a good scent for your palate or a particular day, so the best thing to do is aromatize yourself and try it! Before buying Angel Glamorama, the best practice is to taste it to see how it fits with the body's chemistry and character. This way, you'll know firsthand if you like it and how long it lasts before you make a decision. The more perfume feedback you've read about Thierry Mugler Angel Glamorama from various people, and particularly the nose experts, the better prepared you to make your decision.


After the men's edition, Blue Seduction EDT Spray, the women's version was launched on the market in 2008. This seductive perfume comes in a clear, azure bottle of the same shape as the men's version. It was designed to achieve the equilibrium and reflection of water and light.

It opens with fresh aquatic aromas, fruit juices, and purple juices. They are accompanied by the juicy passions of raspberry with oriental chords and sugary shades. The perfume is a chic scent created by Olivier Cresp with Elizabeth Vidal and Rosendo Mateu.

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